Why would anyone risk their retirement money and subject it to loss? Seriously? It’s retirement money. Obviously, if it is not there when it is time to retire, then you can’t retire. Simple math. And if you are forced into retirement at that time, what then? Up the creek I guess. Every financial advisor I know will tell you to put your retirement money in the market. After all, the Dow is going to 30,000 or 40,000. Or so they have convinced themselves. Indeed, the market may go to 30,000 (being at 24,000 now). But what if on its journey it takes a sudden dip to 15,000 before going back up to to 24,000 or even 30,000?

Simple math illustration: if you have 100,000 in the market and the market loses 30% (100,000 minus 30,000 = 70,000), you will have to have a 43% increase to bring your now 70,000 back up to 100,00 or even from where you started. We call that catch-up baseball. And should your retirement be scheduled during that dip, retirement may not be possible.

The good news: there are safe money alternatives that let you participate in the upswing of the market but NOT in the down turn (which is the inevitable pattern). These alternatives are only through A rated companies that guarantee no risk of loss of your capital. It is not too good to be true; it is a tool that the rich have used for years! But you don’t have to be “rich” to use the same tools. You just have to know about them. Please contact me to discuss them. You will be surprised that your 401k sitting at your old employer, or your IRA or Roth IRA do not have to be subject to loss. Let’s talk.


In New Mexico, as I understand it, all Wills must be approved by the Probate Court, taking from six to nine months for the process. During that time, who pays your final bills? Your mortgage, utilities, hospital bills, funeral or cremation expenses?

Expenses associated with death can add up. There’s the casket, embalming or cremation expenses that are never as inexpensive as advertised. These expenses can have a substantial impact on those you love, creating hefty out-of-pocket costs for them.

Well, you may say, I have my house, stocks, or other assets that my kids can sell. How long will that take? Will they be forced to sell in a down market? Will there be unnecessary tax consequences?

Final Expense insurance can pay those bills and alleviate the stress of those mounting bills for your beneficiaries.

Final Expense insurance is surprisingly affordable. If you are looking to alleviate the above problems, Final Expense insurance is an option definitely worth looking into.

Please note there are also funeral insurance policies that name the funeral home as the beneficiary. But I would recommend you name a trusted family member as your final expense beneficiary. The last thing you want is to die and have the funeral home be out of business or overcrowded.

I represent only A rated companies. Let’s talk to see how your needs can best be served.




At the Gottlieb Group, we refer to fixed index annuities as a form of investment, based on the definition of an investment as something purchased today with the idea it will generate future wealth or growth. However, unlike other investments, fixed index annuities do NOT carry the connotation of possible loss.

When you purchase a fixed index annuity, you are not signing up for potential market loss. On the contrary, these types of annuities protect against that market loss. Fixed index annuities can shield you against any possibility of outliving your income. One might say that whereas life insurance helps you in death, annuities help you while you are still living.

Fixed index annuities have two common characteristics: safety of principal and a reasonable rate of return. Further, like life insurance, these annuities

  • Involve a contract with an insurance company
  • Accumulate interest
  • Give you the ability to leave a lump sum of money to your heirs
  • Offer different options to suit your individual needs
  • Afford you peace of mind

When people think of investing, they often think of risk and reward. But how would you like to have the reward with no risk? That’s what a good fixed index annuity can do for you. You can enjoy the upside of investing without having to deal with the potential downside.

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Did you know that in New Mexico and many other states your Will must be reviewed by the Probate Court? That means a six month or more delay in your family or heirs receiving the provision you made for them. In addition to this time delay, this process can cost thousands of dollars before your heirs receive their inheritance.

In this interim period, who will make the mortgage payments? The hospital payments? The utilities? Further, out of what bank account if your account hasn’t been released to your executor or administrator yet?

Final Expense Insurance paid upon your death to whomever you designate is the final puzzle piece in planning for your loved ones. Let’s Talk. These types of policies are cost effective and can be had regardless of health.

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1. The reason you purchase Final Expense coverage is not for yourself. It is to take the “Financial Burden” of your death off your loved ones during a very stressful time.
2. The benefits go to your beneficiary “Income Tax Free.”
3. Your beneficiaries can use any funeral home you or they select.
4. The insurance company check may come direct to your beneficiary, or be assigned by your beneficiary to the Funeral home.
5. Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and other creditors cannot access your beneficiary’s benefits.
6. You can decide and communicate how you want your final arrangements handled.
7. This policy will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

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