The most selfish thing you can do in life is to leave your debt or bills to your heirs. Who’s going to pay for YOUR burial or cremation, YOUR final doctor bills, phone bills, or utility bills?

I was recently talking with a mechanic who told me his mother died unexpectedly at age 57. She had no insurance and he was her only son. He, his wife and children had to travel to the East coast to handle her final arrangements. He and his wife had to take off work for two weeks, losing two weeks of wages. Last minute airfare for four was incredibly expensive. All told he wound up with $12-$15,000 of debt. Certainly not expected by him or his mother.

If his mother had had a final expense policy, this debt would have been completely avoided. Final expense policies are whole life policies ranging from a $5,000 to $50,000 benefit and are very cost effective. The cost of these policies depends on age and health of the insured, and can start as little as $20.00 per month. They are designed to be very affordable.

If you don’t want to burden your family with these inevitable expenses, let’s talk. Because you don’t know when you are going to die. Call me or email me at

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WHEN DOES: -30+43=0


When it involves placing your hard earned retirement dollars directly into the market. The events this last week and ensuing volatility prove the point. Let’s assume you lost 30% of your 401k or you IRA. It would take a 43% gain to just back to where you started (Example: $100 – $30 = $70 + 43% or $30.1 = 100). CAN YOU AFFORD TO GAMBLE WITH YOUR RETIREMENT IN THAT MANNER? Please consider a fixed indexed annuity. You can participate in upswings in the market, yet protect your nest egg against loss.The basic benefits include: minimum guarantees, tax-deferral, guaranteed lifetime income, and preservation of premium. Even Warren Buffet recommends fixed annuities! LET’S TALK.


imgresThere are certain financial commitments we have throughout our lives as we contribute in some way to our family income. We need to provide something even in death to secure our homes, help the family meet expenses for a while, protect dependent parents, or secure our children, spouse, significant other, or even provide a charitable contribution.

Financial obligations could include funeral expenses, unsettled medical bills, mortgages, business commitments, meeting the college expenses of the children, and so on. Frankly, dying without life insurance is a very selfish act since it leaves your expenses, bills, obligations, and the headaches that accompany them to someone else.

  • Life insurance correctly planned will provide funds to deal with monies due, mortgages, and living expenses on an untimely or premature death. It offers protection to the family you leave behind and serves as a cash resource.
  • It secures your hard earned estate on death by providing tax free cash to take care of business and personal expenses.
  • Some policies have riders like coverage of critical illness or term insurance for children or spouse. There are certain rules regarding eligibility for riders which have to be kept in mind.
  • Life Insurance can have a savings or pension component that provides for you during retirement; oftentimes, tax-free.
  • Having a valid insurance policy is considered a financial asset which improves your credit rating when you need health insurance or a home or business loan.
  • In case of bankruptcy, the cash value as well as death benefits of an insurance policy are exempt from creditors.
  • Life insurance can be planned such that it will cover even your funeral expenses.
  • Life insurance has double benefits in that it protects beneficiaries at your death and you have access to your money during strategic points in your life.
  • Your business can be protected from financial loss or any liabilities in case a business partner dies.
  • Life insurance can contribute toward maintaining a family’s life style when one contributing partner suddenly dies.

Insurance is vital to good financial planning and security. Personal and long term commitments must be assessed. There are so many profitable, flexible, and safe policies available. It is essential to meet with a qualified agent who represents a variety of companies and products.

Please give me call to set up a time to discuss your goals and to see what might be available to you to secure your and your family’s future.


Read This If You’re Not a Hedge Fund!

retirement savingWould you like to have safety of principal from market losses guaranteed by “A” rated insurance companies; a guaranteed minimum rate of return; estate benefits; full conversion privileges to provide guaranteed income for life; and, of course, competitive interest rate returns? I ask this question on a day the stock market took the wildest ride ever: down 1000, up 800, down 600, all in just a few hours. Looks like only the hedge funds did well! If you don’t have the stomach for this kind of activity with regard to your money, then you need to learn about fixed indexed annuities and also to an extent, Indexed Universal Life policies.

Fixed indexed annuities are:
*Time tested
*No risk to your principal
*Easy acquisition
*Tax deferred interest growth
*May avoid Social Security taxation
*Not subject to Probate
*Creditor proof
*Medicaid friendly
*Guaranteed income growth
*Income for life

I know this might sound too good to be true, but it is true. I like to call these plans guardrails (like on a bridge) for your money and your retirement savings. These plans should be part of everyone’s portfolio. Like the stock market, they give you the potential for higher interest accumulation. But unlike the stock market, you are guaranteed never to lose your money if the market declines. In fact, your funds are guaranteed to increase. So on days like today when the market crashes, you can actually relax knowing you are protected.

We at The Gottlieb Group represent companies that are leaders in these plans. Let’s talk and investigate if these plans will meet your needs.