The most selfish thing you can do in life is to leave your debt or bills to your heirs. Who’s going to pay for YOUR burial or cremation, YOUR final doctor bills, phone bills, or utility bills?

I was recently talking with a mechanic who told me his mother died unexpectedly at age 57. She had no insurance and he was her only son. He, his wife and children had to travel to the East coast to handle her final arrangements. He and his wife had to take off work for two weeks, losing two weeks of wages. Last minute airfare for four was incredibly expensive. All told he wound up with $12-$15,000 of debt. Certainly not expected by him or his mother.

If his mother had had a final expense policy, this debt would have been completely avoided. Final expense policies are whole life policies ranging from a $5,000 to $50,000 benefit and are very cost effective. The cost of these policies depends on age and health of the insured, and can start as little as $20.00 per month. They are designed to be very affordable.

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