In October of 1929 you know what happened. The stock market crashed and eventually suffered a staggering 32 year setback, losing almost 90% of its value. It took 22 years for the market to surpass it’s all time high before the crash. Nearly 25% of all Americans would be unemployed and over 40% of banks would shut down.

While #banks, #businesses, and #government sectors were closing their doors, one sector of the economy stood strong and steady, unaffected by the crash. You guessed it—#life #insurance companies. Further, owners of cash value life insurance didn’t lose a dime—not then, and not now.

Guess who started their businesses back then and did so with proceeds from their life insurance policies. J.C. Penny, Walt Disney, Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), Max and Verda Foster (Foster Farms), Stanford University, Pampered Chef, and many, many more.

Why is this history important? Some believe our most difficult times are ahead of us. With difficult political issues at the door like the national debt, government spending, Social Security, Medicare, as well as economic issues like inflation, taxes, debt and so on, howing how and where to keep your money safe is increasingly important.

Did you know that both banks and corporations place billions of dollars in life insurance? For banks, it provides the ultimate in safety, stability, and growth. The FDIC allows this asset to be classified as Tier 1 capital, which is the safest capital a bank can have and the core measure of a bank’s financial strength.

Almost 70% of Fortune 1000 companies use life insurance to fund executive retirement plans as well as employee’s retirement plans. Some of the companies that do this are: GE, Proctor & Gamble, ATT&T, GM, Starbucks, Avon, Verizon, Anheuser-Busch, and so on.

While banks and corporations are taking advantage of the benefits of cash value life insurance, the rest of America is falling victim to a deadly lie. We are being poisoned with the idea that volatile, risk-based “investing” in the stock market is the best way to prepare for retirement. We’ve been conned! It is the Wall Street firms who gain. In fact, since the advent of the 401K and other government plans, the stock market has nearly quadrupled in total assets. Indeed, investment firms were a big part of the origination of government plans. They positioned themselves to be the managers of the funds that made their way to these plans. What’s worse is these companies don’t participate in the same theories they pitch us every day.

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