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My family and I each purchased life insurance from Adrienne recently. Because she has a strong legal background and very familiar with contracts, all our questions and concerns were answered and our policies were thoroughly explained. It is very affordable and the best part, my children’s college education is now being funded through the policies. I find Adrienne to be very trustworthy, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her service. She is incredibly friendly, personable and has now become a dear family friend. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking life insurance products and consultation.

-Barbara Gates, CPA, Santa Fe, NM

I had been looking for years for a good universal life insurance plan for my children and myself that I felt comfortable committing to. I was impressed with the returns and stability of the life insurance plan Adrienne has to offer. When I started inquiring about it, I felt no pressure on her part to sign up, only straightforward information and advice. Adrienne is very professional, but also very personal, and it has been a real pleasure to work with her. 

She is very trustworthy and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to ensure that their family is financially set for the weathers in life!

Kate Rollins, web designer, Santa Fe, NM

I am 30 years old and would recommend this (Adrienne’s) book to my peers. It has vital information in it that has definitely encouraged me to plan early. The programs outlined in this book are wonderful tools to prepare for retirement. Adrienne does a wonderful job at making what could be very complex information easy for the reader to understand. The book flows very nicely. There isn’t any added gibberish, everything in the book pertains to the topic; planning for retirement. I love how I can see the sincerity of Adrienne’s heart to help others avoid what she experienced. I think it’s amazing that she has used something so unfortunate to help others. This will definitely be a stocking stuffer this year for my friends!

– Jesse M. Dillard, Palmer, PA

As a broker, rather than as a agent for a single insurer, Adrienne has access to the resources of multiple companies. This gives her a wider selection of options to meet the specific insurance need of each of her clients. My wife an I have been very happy with her ability to craft the right solution to fit our particular situation.

– Bryan Tagas Publishing, Eldorado Living, Santa Fe, NM