Universal Life is a sort of hybrid of the above two types of policies. Universal live can give you no risk yet allow you to participate in market growth. These policies usually outpace inflation and grow your money tax-deferred. If structured correctly, these policies allow you to access money at retirement or at any time without incurring tax. They can give you cash flow for life. The beauty of these policies is that no money is actually invested in equity (stock) positions. Yet, they offer tax-deferred cash accumulation for retirement while maintaining a death benefit. The premiums a low, there is cash value accumulation, flexibility, a death benefit, and no market risk. Indexed Universal Life policies can change the course of your child’s life or your life. They can be truly amazing.


The appeal of universal life insurance policies is that they can be suited to a variety of insurance needs. You may only care about lifelong coverage at the most affordable cost. Or, you may be more concerned about flexibility of coverage or access to the cash value of their policy. A universal life policy can help with both.


Increased flexibility to meet your investment goals and long-term needs.

What is universal life insurance?

Premiums for universal life insurance consist of two parts: the cost of insurance amount and the savings vehicle (cash value). The cost of insurance is the minimum amount required to keep the policy active. Any premium payment over this minimum amount helps accrue cash value which earns interest based on the current market or minimum interest rate.

The greatest benefits of universal life insurance are lifelong protections and flexible premiums and death benefits. Additionally, your cash value earns interest and you can withdraw money or borrow against it.

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