Before settling on a specific type of life insurance policy, it is important to assess your family’s needs both pre and post death. Whole life insurance also known as permanent insurance caters to long-term goals. Also, it covers you as long as you live. Furthermore, it is important that you keep it in force for as long as you live.

Whole life insurance usually is comprised of two parts: a savings or investment portion and an insurance portion. Because there is a savings element, the premiums are higher than for Term Insurance. A part of your premium (after deducting the insurance expenses) is invested by the insurance company and the accrued interest builds up your cash value. Hence, you can take a policy loan by borrowing against your cash value when you need to do so.

This type of policy is used for both the young and oldler person. For the older people it is used for final expense policies. We even have policies that cover people with severe illness. Often for a child, this type of policy is used to cover a known, future expense, i.e. College.


When you purchase whole life insurance, you take the guesswork out of life insurance. You do not have to consider when the policy will lapse. You do not need to worry about increasing premium payments. With level premiums and lifelong coverage, whole life insurance makes up over one-third of the individual life insurance market.


Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance with cash value “living benefits.”

What is whole life insurance?

Like all life insurance, whole life policies protect your family in the worst of times. The death benefit from your policy can replace lost income, maintain mortgage payments, or fund college expenses. Whole life is a type of permanent life insurance because the policy stays in effect your entire life.

Whole life insurance has the added benefit of a savings component that grows cash value tax-free. Many policies have a guaranteed minimum rate of return for the cash value portion of the policy. This is often referred to as a “living benefit” because it is intended to be accessed during your lifetime.

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