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1. The reason you purchase Final Expense coverage is not for yourself. It is to take the “Financial Burden” of your death off your loved ones during a very stressful time. 2. The benefits go to your beneficiary “Income Tax Free.” 3. Your...
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I hesitate to make a blanket statement here, knowing every situation is unique, but consider the benefits of retiring tax-free. There is #peace in not having to #worry about what tax bracket the future holds.

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In October of 1929 you know what happened. The stock market crashed and eventually suffered a staggering 32 year setback, losing almost 90% of its value. It took 22 years for the market to surpass it’s all time high before the crash. Nearly 25% of all Americans would...
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Is Life Insurance Right For You?


Will you leave a mountain of debt behind for your family when you die?

Will your family go into debt to pay for your final expenses?

Will your business partner be left holding the financial bag? Or will your family inherit your business debt?

Are you the kind of person who waits until the last minute to plan for retirement?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Life insurance products solve all of these financial mistakes.

You can change the course of your family’s future with these life planning tools. For the cost of a daily latte, you can provide financial security when you’re gone. And isn’t that what everyone wants to do for their loved ones? The most selfish thing you can do is to die without insurance to pay for your final expenses, or to pass on your debt to others.

At The Gottlieb Group we can show you how to take charge, how to plan a tax-free retirement, and how to protect yourself and your family all the while growing your money—and with no risk. Amazing? Yes, but also true!

Remember, what you do today determines your family’s future.

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Adrienne convinced me, a life insurance skeptic, to sign up by providing clear information about the benefits of life insurance. Working with Adrienne was easy and straightforward.

D. Gleason

Lawyer, Santa Fe, NM