In New Mexico, as I understand it, all Wills must be approved by the Probate Court, taking from six to nine months for the process. During that time, who pays your final bills? Your mortgage, utilities, hospital bills, funeral or cremation expenses?

Expenses associated with death can add up. There’s the casket, embalming or cremation expenses that are never as inexpensive as advertised. These expenses can have a substantial impact on those you love, creating hefty out-of-pocket costs for them.

Well, you may say, I have my house, stocks, or other assets that my kids can sell. How long will that take? Will they be forced to sell in a down market? Will there be unnecessary tax consequences?

Final Expense insurance can pay those bills and alleviate the stress of those mounting bills for your beneficiaries.

Final Expense insurance is surprisingly affordable. If you are looking to alleviate the above problems, Final Expense insurance is an option definitely worth looking into.

Please note there are also funeral insurance policies that name the funeral home as the beneficiary. But I would recommend you name a trusted family member as your final expense beneficiary. The last thing you want is to die and have the funeral home be out of business or overcrowded.

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